Single-dose Packaging Service for Third Party

Confezionamento monodosi termoformati

Thermoformed Single-dose Production

Unit-dose contract packaging produced by Valmatic are suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and neutracetical packs. The unit-dose could be filled with liquid, creamy or powder products and could be sterilized. Capacity is from 0,50 to 200 ml.

The unit-dose containers for the field of fragrances for cars and environments are thermoformed with the use of osmotic membrane that releases over time the essence contained in the unit-dose.

The thermoformed containers guarantee the freshness of the product and are easy to use, this type of container offers the opportunity to bring them on trips, at work, at school, only the product that you need and not bulky and heavy bottles.

Thanks to the use of particular barrier materials, feasible only with thermoforming technology, the shelf life of the products contained in the unit-doses is guaranteed over time.
With Valmatic unit-dose containers is possible have always a controlled dosage of the product and a lower environmental impact than other types of packaging currently used.