Semi-automatical Machine Production for single-dose in plastic material: Mi-Ri

Filling, Sealing and Cutting Lines for Single-dose

Mi.Ri. is a simple and compact semi-automatic machine for filling, sealing and cutting pre-formed vertical containers and vials made in plastic film.
This machine is fed with pre-formed open containers in reels with fixed width (17.4 mm) and capacity from 0,50 to 15 ml.
Valmatic internally produces rolls for this machine.


Mi-Ri: Single-dose machine for small batches

Mi.Ri. fills liquids of different viscosities and cuts single doses or strips of maximum 20 pieces.

The machine is controlled by an operator panel to set production rate, length of the strip and sealing temperature.

Mi.Ri. is the ideal solution for small batches producers and for those people who are starting their own business without significant investments.


Technicals characteristics

Dimensions1751 x 564 x 2060 height (mm)
Weight160 Kg
Production cycles25 cycles per minute
Filling capacityfrom 0,5 ml up to 15 ml
Used materialPVC / PE, PET/EVOH/PE and other thermo-formable materials.
Machine pitch17,4 mm

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