Thermoformed single-dose packaging

Valmatic designs and manufactures single-dose packaging and vials for third parties working in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical and food industries. All products are completely customizable in shape, color and look, and available with a variable capacity ranging from 0.50ml to 200ml.

All thermoformed products are made of thin plastic films, which are flexible, light and hygienic. The packaging is easy to handle and easy to open. The plastics we use are made of up to 80% recycled PET bottles, and are recyclable themselves. Even the ink and adhesives are made with materials that are certified according to international regulations, upholding elevated hygiene and safety standards.

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Why choose single-dose packaging?

Made in Valmatic single-dose packaging guarantees products’ freshness and ease of use. They allow customers to only take what’s necessary to their workplace, school, or when on holiday, avoiding bulky and heavy containers.

Thanks to the barrier materials used by thermoforming technology, the shelf-life of products stored within single-dose packaging is guaranteed over time. Valmatic single-dose packaging ensures controlled dosage of all products and low environmental impact, compared to other kinds of packaging.

Suppositories and vaginal suppositories

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Automatic lines

Discover our thermoforming-filling lines for the production of single-dose packaging and vials.

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