Single-dose thermoforming for cosmetics

Valmatic designs and manufactures thermoformed single-dose packaging and vials for cosmetics and body care.

Ready-to-use, single-dose cosmetic packaging, to save time and space. Practical packages with easy-opening to avoid waste and always have just the right amount of whatever you need with you.

  • Single-dose packaging capacity: from 0.5 to 200cc
  • Availability of standing packaging with flat bottom
  • EASY-OPEN packaging that can be opened with one hand
  • Filling of liquid products, gels, creams and powders

Complete project development: from choosing the most suitable single-dose model all the way to studying the secondary packaging. Creation of quality sampling in RPET materials up to 80% recycled, and secondary packaging using FSC certified cardboard.

Shampoo, hair conditioner, face and body creams, hygiene and personal care products, tanning products, eye contour serum, facial care products and more

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Automatic lines

Valmatic designs and builds thermoforming-filling lines for the production of single-dose packaging and vials.