Thermoforming and Filling Line Production for Single-dose: VAL175

Thermo-forming and Filling Line for laminated plastic material single-dose

VAL 175 is a thermoforming and filling machine (FFS) designed for producing single-dose containers formfilled in laminated plastic sheets in which the whole company know-how has been put in: thanks to the easy access of this machine the format changeover from 1 to 300 ml is really fast and convenient to clean. VAL175 has been designed for cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

VAL 175: Single-dose Machine for big productions

VAL 175 is an all-around machine conceived for medium and large production: it can manufactures unit-dose and vials with or without flat bottom (stand-up). Its scope can vary from the coupling of a single folded film to the coupling of 2 plastic films or of one plastic film and one aluminum film (peelable). VAL 175 employs a mechanics combined with a cuttingedge electronic control both for the operator interface and the internal motion management. It is equipped with a Siemens touch screen operator panel, with a display of 10” fitted for remote control.

The machine motion is possible thanks to a pneumatic-mechanical handling system controlled by Profinet modules, with cycles that can be adapted to the specific requirements of a product as well as a very short changeover times.

Technicals characteristics

TypeVertical Thermoforming-Filling Machine
Sector of applicationchemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food
Dimensions5880x2320x1730 mm (machine width without trolley 1460 mm)
Weight1850 Kg
Hourly production30 cycles / 1’
Filling capacityfrom 0.2 to 300 ml
Used materialPVC/PE, PET/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, PP/PET/EVOH/PE, ACLAR/PET/PE, PS/PE, PP/PE, PCTFE/PET/PE/EVOH/PE, PP/COC/PP/PE, PP/COC/EVOH/PP, plastics laminated coupled with Aluminium or Paper
Machine pitch175 mm
Movement systempneumatic and mechanic
Movement system controlPneumatic / Profinet modules
Building materialsStainless steel AISI 304 + ERGAL 55
Required operators1
Installed power25 Kw
Air consumption500 NL/1’
Water consumption25 L/1’
Water pressure2 bar
Air pressure7 bar

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