Single-dose Packaging Service for Veterinary Products

Valmatic designs and manufactures single-dose containers for the veterinary sector.

We offer contract-packaging service in thermoformed monodose for veterinary products:

  • pesticides,
  • complementary feeds,
  • shampoos and products for animal hygiene,

Single-dose containers volume: from 0.5 to 130 cc.
Chance to have or not stand up container (flat bottom).
EASY-OPEN: opens with one hand!
Filling of liquids, gels, creams and powders products.

Single-dose Production for Veterinary industry

Licenses and authorizations:

  • Regional authorization for premixes, additives and complementary feed n. IT000228MO;
  • Ministerial authorization for PMC packaging (medical surgical devices);
  • Regional authorization for premixes;
  • UTIF authorization for mineral oils and denatured alcohol


Contacts: Tel. + 39 059906550 E-mail:

Production of single-dose vials for PESTICIDES (Single-dose pesticide vial)

Production of single-dose vials for COMPLEMENTARY FEEDS (Single-dose vial of complementary feed)

Production of single-dose vials for SHAMPOO AND PRODUCTS FOR ANIMAL HYGIENE (single-dose shampoo vial for dogs)