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Serum packaging for face treatment

Is it glass or not? Valmatic proposes a new solution for the packaging of serums, creamy facials, gels or liquids. The vial is not made of glass but it has the same transparency, an eye-catching and squeezable shape, with a pre-cut opening, available with customization one color front/back and with full background possibilities such as […]


Valmatic will take part to WECOSMOPROF

Cosmoprof Wecosmoprof 2020 - Valmatic

Valmatic will take part to WECOSMOPROF online event and at the largest directory of “BEAUTY MADE IN ITALY” that directly connects suppliers and buyers from all over the world. COSMOPROF Digital Beauty event From 4 to 10 June Valmatic will be part of the COSMOPROF digital event, a digital showcase called WECOSMOPROF that will offer […]


Eco friendly containers

There are so many types of plastic materials. There is so much wrong information on the market. In Valmatic we produce vials and single-dose containers made of BPET/PE material where BPET is regenerated and comes up to 80% from the water bottles. An eco-friendly green material that preserves and maintains the characteristics of the product. […]