Valmatic designs and manufactures thermoforming – filling lines for the production of unit-dose containers and suppositories. Valmatic machines, designed and manufactured in Italy, are versatile and meet the needs of the customer: the complete mold change is very fast and output per hour high. From the experience in contract manufacturing, Valmatic has developed a series of FFS models that meet all the market needs: from MiRi machine, that fills, seals and closes vials preformed, suitable to small laboratories or companies that need to fill in small batches of vials to F.F.S. model VT240 line with a mold step of 240 mm, with a very high productivity per hour , suitable for pharmaceutical or food industry.

The great experience in contract packaging carried out internally with lines produced by Valmatic is a valid guaranty for all customers of machines.

Only using every day the machines in production it is possible understand what improvements have to be made and we can test successfully the new applicable technologies.