VT160 is a thermo-forming and filling machine produced in compliance with G.M.P. regulations (good manufacturing practice). It is suitable for the production of thermo-formed single-dose containers in plastic, aluminum or special papers.
VT160 is suitable for liquids, gels, creams, dense products, semi-dense products and powders for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries.

Main technical specifications:
– Cantilevered structure to allow better operator accessibility during format changeover and cleaning.
– Variable advance pitch from 145 to 175mm: this allows to adapt the shape of the unit-dose to the mould in order to not waste material and to increase the productivity.
– Stand-up containers with flat bottom are possible.
– Ability to produce pelable containers with an osmotic membrane and containers filled with two different products
– Unwinding film devices to avoid the stopping of the machine during the film reel change-over.

Technicals characteristics

Dimensions5440 x 2000 x 2300 height (mm)
Weight3600 Kg (two reel version)
Production cycles35 cycles per minute
Filling capacityfrom 0,2 ml up to 330 ml
Used materialCOC, ACLAR, BAREX/PE, PVC/SARANEX/PE, PVC/PE,PET/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, ACLAR/PET/PE, PS/PE, PP/PE, plastic laminates coupled with aluminum or paper
Machine pitch175 mm
Film thicknessmaximum 500 ┬Ám
Film widthfrom 120 to 400 mm
External reel diameter500 mm
Internal reel diameter70/76 mm

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