VS 140

Thermoforming machine for suppositories and vaginal ovules.

The VS140 thermoforming machine is suitable for the production of suppositories and empty vaginal eggs made of plastic.

The thermoforming process is designed to limit tensions to the material, which is why it is equipped with a preheating group before sealing and stabilization.

Caratteristiche Tecniche

Dimensioni macchina VS 1402150 x 1000 x h2100 (mm)
Peso macchina FS 1401100 Kg
Produzione oraria15.000 pcs/hour
Capacità di riempimentofrom 0,5 ml to 5,00 cc
Materiali impiegatiPVC, PVC+PE, PVC+PVDC+PE
Passo macchina17,4 mm

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