Valdose is a complete automatic line composed of two separated machines in compliance with G.M.P. regulations (good manufacturing practice):

– VALDOSE Thermo-forming machine
– VALDOSE Filling, sealing and cutting machine

Main technical specifications:
– Filling of liquids, semi-liquids, creams, gels and powders.
– Centering of the printing on both the sides of the container (the film must be already printed).
– Possibility of realization of a stand-up container with flat bottom.
– Possibility to use 2 different films at the same time coupled or barriered.
– Possibility to fill the mono-dose with two different products to be mixed only at the use, by pressing.
– As an option you can have two labeling stations.

Production cycles: 30 cycles per minute (the cycles may vary on the basis of the viscosity of the product to be injected into the doses, the chosen shape and the employed film).

Vantaggi del sistema modulare: – Le due unità possono essere sistemate in linea oppure a 90°. La soluzione a 90° permette un guadagno di spazio nella zona di lavoro a favore dell’operatore. – Possibilità di separare il processo di lavorazione: è possibile termoformare solo i flaconi e stoccarli effettuando il riempimento successivamente a richiesta del cliente.

Advantages of the modular system: – The two machines can be arranged in line or at 90 °. The 90° solution allows to get space in the operator working area. – Possibility to separate the two working processes: it is possible to thermoform the containers and to make a stock; then, when necessary, use the second machine for filling, sealing and cutting.


Technicals characteristics

Dimensions of the thermo-forming machine2880 x 750 x 2100 height(mm)
Dimensions of the filling, sealing and cutting machine2100 x 750 x 2100 height(mm)
Connection space between the two machines750 mm
Weight of the thermo-forming machine1100 Kg
Weight of the filling, sealing and cutting machine610 Kg
Production cycles30 cycles per minute
Filling capacityfrom 0,5 ml up to 125 ml
Used materialPVC, PVC+PE, PVC+PE+PVDC, Polystyrene+PE, PET, PET+PE,Barex, plastic laminates coupled with aluminum
Machine pitch17,4 - 34,8 – 52,2 – 104,4
Film thicknessmaximum 500 µm
Film widthfrom 120 mm to 400 mm
External reel diameter550 mm
Internal reel diameter70/76 mm

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