Line for suppositories and vaginal ovules model VAL TSI 140

VAL-TSI 140 is a vertical form-fill-seal machine for the production of suppositories and vaginal ovules in plastic material. The machine is composed by thermoforming line VS140 and filling- losing Line FS140. Every cycle of the machine contains 8 cells with dimension 17,50 mm. Hourly production 15.000 cells/h. VAL-TSI 140 is the only Machine on the market with centred print on both sides of the cell. Main features of VAL-TSI 140 are:

  • Centred print on both sides of the cell
  • Reduced percentage of wasted film
  • Easy cleaning thanks to embossed structure
  • No machine stop to change reel
  • Easy accessibility by the operator on the machine
  • Hourly production: 15.000 cells/h
  • Film width: 130 mm
  • External reel diameter: 400 mm

Technicals characteristics

Dimensions of the VS 140 machine2150 x 1000 x 1960 height(mm)
Dimensions of the FS 140 machine4300 x 1800 x 1653 height (mm)
Weight of the VS 140 machine1.100 Kg
Weight of the FS 140 machine1.350 Kg
Hourly production15.000 pieces per hour
Filling capacityfrom 0,50 to 5,00 cc
Used materialPVC, PVC+PE, PVC+PVDC+PE
Machine pitch140 mm
Film thickness130 mm
External reel diameter400 mm

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