Line for suppositories and vaginal ovules model VAL TSI 140

VAL-TSI 140 line is a form-fill seal line for the production of suppositories and vaginal ovules in plastic material.

The line is composed by VS 140 thermoforming machine and by the FS 140 filling and sealing machine.

The mould width of the VS 140 is 140 mm and can contain 8 cells.
Hourly production is 15.000 cells/hour.
VAL-TSI 140 is the only line on the market with can center the printing on both sides of the cells (the film must be already printed).

Main technical specifications:
– Possibility to centre the printing on both the sides of the cell
– Reduced percentage of wasted film
– Easy cleaning thanks to cantilevered structure
– Film system to avoid the stopping of the machine during the film reel change-over.
– Easy accessibility by the operator on the machine

Caratteristiche Tecniche

Dimensioni macchina VS 1402150 x 1000 x 1960 height(mm)
Dimensioni macchina FS 1404300 x 1800 x 1653 height (mm)
Peso macchina VS 1401.100 Kg
Peso macchina FS 1401.350 Kg
Produzione oraria15.000 pieces per hour
Capacità di riempimentofrom 0,50 to 5,00 cc
Materiali impiegatiPVC, PVC+PE, PVC+PVDC+PE
Passo macchina140 mm
Spessore del film130 mm
Diametro esterno bobina400 mm

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