The Minivaldose machine is fully automatic and it’s suitable for thermoforming, filling and sealing mono-dose containers in plastic film. This machine is compact and good for small productions. It’s a good compromise between quality and price. The Minivaldose do not need special maintenance procedures and the mold change-over is easy and quick. The Minivaldose is projected in accordance with GMP standards.

Main technical specifications:
– Filling of liquids, semi-liquids, creams, gels and powders.
– Centering of the printing on both the sides of the container (the film must be already printed).
– Possibility of realization of a stand-up container with flat bottom.
– Possibility to use 2 different film at the same time coupled or barriered.
– Possibility to fill the mono-dose with two different products to be mixed only at the use, by pressing.
– As an option you can have two labeling stations.

Film thickness :maximum 500 µm
Film width: 1 ROLL = minimum band 75 mm – maximum band 250 mm
Film width: 2 ROLLS = minimum band 75 mm – maximum band 125 mm
External reel diameter: 550 mm
Internal reel diameter: 70/76 mm
Capacity from 1 to 125 cc
Production cycles: 30 cycles per minute (the cycles may vary on the basis of the viscosity of the product to be injected into the doses, the chosen shape and the employed film).


Caratteristiche Tecniche

Dimensioni2753 x 790 x 2063 height(mm)
Peso800 Kg
Cicli di produzione30 cycles per minute
Capacità di riempimentofrom 0,5 ml up to 125 ml
Materiali impiegatiPET+EVOH+PE, PET+PE, PP+PE, PP+EVOH+PE, PP, PVC+PE, PS+PE, Aluminium + paper + PE, Aluminum + osmotic membrane, BAREX, COC
Passo macchina56,2 mm

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